The video has 1.3K likes. It should have more than about a 100 thumbs down.
This UK lad who goes by Simon Wilson seems to be bored enough that instead of buying a ticket into an otherwise non-descript Monday, May 28 Dodgers-Phillies game, he finds it more of a fun challenge to talk his way in by confusing a bunch of green-jacketed ticket-scanners at the top of the park.
After wasting our time in the first half of this 12-minute post, he finally springs into action with an Uber trip at the six-minute mark. Deciding there aren’t enough people around to distract him from going under a barrier after a security check, he then talks his way around not having an entry pass and finally the ticket takers just let him in.
After also cruising around the club level and getting denied entrance into the dugout club (thankfully by an usher who demands credentials), he seems be proud that he’s on the field level. It’s not that tough, actually, to go from top to bottom now, or to any section of the stadium. In the past you were stuck on the level you bought your seat.
But if you’re ballsy enough, why not let someone show you how it’s done.
Considering our past that included sneaking into plenty of Lakers games (and concerts) at the Forum thanks to some friends working security, what do you make of this person gaming the system with today’s heightened security measures?

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