According to former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy, Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer was not completely honest last week when asked at Big Ten Media Day about his knowledge of a 2015 report of domestic abuse between assistant coach Zach Smith and his now ex-wife. Smith remained employed by Meyer both at Florida and OSU for almost 10 years as allegations dating back to 2008 were revealed. Meyer fired Smith 10 days ago.

Does this sound at all familiar in the college football world? How about just at Ohio State?
“Remember when Jim Tressel was fired over emails related to him hiding knowledge about … memorabilia? Yeah, good times,” Jim Thompson writes about what was behind his doing this illustration after the news broke this morning. “Urban Meyer has presented himself as super clean and above it all. Until his longtime assistant’s ex-wife alleged Meyer knew about domestic abuse it seemed to fit. Maybe the halo has slipped a little. Maybe it was an urban myth…”
Also a bit ironic that McMurphy, a former ESPN employee, has this info out about Meyer, also a former ESPN employee …


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