“I (try to) stay clear of the online outrage mob –  too depressing,” Jim Thompson writes on his website as he posts this piece.
“But when the Insulter in Chief tweets out a midnight insult missive at a sports mega-star who just bankrolled a school for disadvantaged kids, the timing could not be more rotten.
“I won’t punch my monitor or scream at the sky when he tweets garbage. I do wonder when this president will stop acting like a potty-mouthed 4th grader, and cease stepping on rakes at midnight and, maybe, maybe act like LeBron James?”
On our Morning Briefing podcast of, Tom and Steve also talk about the best way to react to this — as LeBron James is now an L.A. guy, right? Do we defend him? Do we follow his lead?

Some of those who responded on Twitter:
* Golden State star Stephen Curry: “Keep doing you @KingJames!”
* Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Russell: “Helping kids & their families work towards a better life. All done with his own $$, for anyone to criticize that is shameful & lacks compassion.”
* Tennis Hall of Famer Billie Jean King: “Athlete activism can affect positive change and should be celebrated, not derided. Thank you, @KingJames.”

We said the best way is probably follow what some are doing: Make a $23 donation to the LeBron James Family Foundation in honor of the work it is doing.
Or make it $45.
You pick.

Here’s Thompson’s posterized response:

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