Media notes version 08.08.18: The LeBron James Media Empire is just ramping up before his Lakers’ courtside seat is warm

By Tom Hoffarth
A few years before LeBron James’ decision last month to take his talents to Los Angeles and effectively gain one of those coveted courtside seats to Laker games, his not-so-subtle decision to take his family to Brentwood and immerse himself in the La La Land mystique as a burgeoning media mogul took shape.
As we discussed in today’s episode of The Drill Morning Briefing 08.08.18, the acceptance of Showtime, HBO and CBS to partner up with an assist from James’ Burbank-based SpringHill Entertainment company could be the ultimate buzz of the TV Critics Association gathering in Pasadena this week. And that’s without James even showing up to do one of the mass interview sessions that tries to generate paragraphs and sound bites that start to trend on Twitter and make people curious.
Here’s the column posted at another branch of our current media empire,

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