It almost looks like something out of Charlotte’s Web.
There was the forlorn spider, spinning words into her web that trumpeted up her friend in the barn stall. Like “SOME PIG.”
That was also the T-shirt design that surfaced a couple of years ago with the graphic logo “SOME PUIG,” in reference to this rookie hot-shot who was playing right field like a wild horse broke loose from stable.
You can only put so much lipstick on a pig these days. As Yasiel Puig tries to punch his way out of a slump by smacking the mask of a Giants’ backup catcher, the Dodgers’ 2018 season started slowly, ramped up a bit when Justin Turner came off the DL, and now finds itself in some pickle without the proper bullpen rockets firing off, including the recent meltdown by Kenley Jansen during his heralded re-entry after missing critical time to reset his aching heart.
Illustrator Jim Thompson posted this at with his commentary: “Like so many Dodgers fans, I had high hopes for 2018. … With the addition Machado and Dozier I thought they were well positioned to win it all. Alas it’s all unraveling, in slow motion. From a Baez imposition to an offense leaving so many men stranded, it looks like the British army at Dunkirk, with no rescue on the horizon. Such a shame.”
Perhaps this will be worth revisiting at the end of September when the team finishes the next six weeks on a 30-0 run to run away with the NL West:


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