Breaking news: Orel Hershiser once used a cheat sheet while pitching in the 1988 World Series. even knows about it. The Dodgers pitcher even told the umpires about it.
“I remember saying to them, when I reach into my pocket, this is what I’m getting,” Hershiser told Bill Shakin of the L.A. Times.  “And I showed them the card. It wasn’t an emery board, or anything else that people have been caught with.”
This comes up because umpire Joe West confiscated a note card that Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Austin Davis was using in a game against the Cubs on Saturday.
Which leads Jim Thompson to fight back in this illusration, and this commentary on “Joe West is a veteran heavyweight MLB umpire and generally a guy who seems interested in the camera being on him – which is kinda odd considering that he doesn’t seem to care about what he looks like. … West took it upon himself to, once again, interject himself into a game, make it about Joe West and interfere with athletes playing professionally. West didn’t know the rule but decided he would make one up. I think West needs to be fitted for a Leisure World lounge chair.”