In addition to a series of vodcasts that we’ve been doing, lately with special guests such as Petros Papadakis and Jeff Pearlman –going all the way back to our first episode seven months ago, all archived on YouTube for those who have subscribed — Tom Hoffarth and Steve Lowery have also been test driving a “The Drill L.A. Morning Briefing” podcast on a new phone app and website called GameTakes.
It’s not a big secret — we’ve been tweeting them out every morning. Or every morning we do one. We consistently had produced one every weekday by about 8 a.m., and after a couple days off, we’ve rebooted this morning (Oct. 8) with a 30-minute production that we will again be attempting to consistently post early enough for those driving to work to hear our conversation about the headlines from the night before, a deep dive into a subject, and then a recommendation for the day. You can follow us on the GameTakes app, or perhaps the website is a way to search it out.
Check out this newest episode where we talk about the Rams’ 5-0 start, the Dodgers’ playoff situation and the LeBron James effect on the Lakers’ exhibition season. And check our tweets each day — @stevelowery12 and @tomhoffarth — for the latest editions.
Post script: Here’s Tom on with Doug McIntyre and LeeAnn Tweeden on “McIntyre In the Morning” on KABC-AM (790) earlier Monday …

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