06:14:18: The evolution of the group illustration by Jim Thompson:


Illustration by Jim Thompson/https://thompsonsportsart.com/

06.01.18: We’re finally getting around to telling you why we started this whole project.
So it’s early February, 2018 … Some of us has some unexpected time on our hands.
We always thought there was a need to have a “Pardon The Interruption” for Los Angeles — bring the news of the day with a Southern California filter.
Sure, they try to do it all the time on the local sports-talk radio thing.
Try …
What about a couple of seasoned sports writers from the ink-stained days of newspapers putting all of this into context.
What could possibly go right?
Tom Hoffarth and Steve Lowery brought the idea to Jeff Proctor of ProAngle Media. We added long-time L.A. media personality Beto Duran to the mix. We found out how the men on the technical side of things, Jon McKelvey and Eric “Smeads” Hebert, could bring in some fresh current perspective.
Before you knew it, we had a show, on YouTube, on Facebook, on our Twitter feeds …
And our friend Jim Thompson created this first group illustration for us based on just watching the show and picking up the vibe: