Drill Bits

Drill Bit 06.15.18:  With interns Elizabeth and Nicole, Steve Lowery and Tom Hoffarth talk about the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp and his ejection for plowing into home. Plus, the start of the World Cup and the United Bid winning the 2026 selection for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Plus how Fox and NBCUniversal/Telemundo battle for viewers. And is Tom wearing real Adidas hightops?
Running time: 27 minutes

Drill Bit 06.12.18:
We react to the story about the high school baseball players hugging after the last out, the USC women’s track comeback to win the NCAA title, the “Fat-Man 4×100”, the Washington Capitals’ party-time, and Steve’s knockoff shoes.
Running time: 22 minutes


Drill Bit 06.08.18: Tom and Steve talk about sports and how it fits into the mental health news of the day with suicide rates climbing.
Running time: 18 minutes
More background at this link
Also a special media column on this subject posted 05.17.18


Drill Bit 05.07.18: We visit with former Dodgers and Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre in Bel-Air during his Save At Home Foundation gala.
Running time: 5 minutes 


Drill Bit 05.03.18: What in the world are the Dodgers talking about building a gondola from Dodger Stadium to Union Station?
Running time: 9 minutes


Drill Bit 04.27.18: Yes, there is more about raccoons, as well as zombie raccoons that are in the news.
Running time: 5 minutes
More background at this link


Drill Bit 04.18.18: Prior to the NFL Draft, there were some strange narratives in the media surrounding UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen.
Running time: 18 minutes

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