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The latest nothingness about LeBron James news is nothing that a stiff cup of Carson-based truckers’ high-octane coffee can’t cure. Tom Hoffarth, Steve Lowery, Jon McKelvy, plus interns Elizabeth and Nicole, try to make sense of how journalists try to stay journalistic in the wake of rumor mongering about the NBA free-agent period, plus an extended “Two Minute Business Drill” that covers how LeBron will make his decision, the Disney-Fox merger details, and what makes a Hall of Fame selection.
Running time: 38 minutes Read more


By Steve Lowery

They say that numbers don’t lie. Then again, Mark Twain, who is way smarter then They, said there are “Lies, damn lies and statistics.”
As this terrific piece by David Fleming for ESPN The Magazine makes clear, even those numbers we take as gospel — Kevin Durant is 7-feet tall, for instance — are actually completely open to interruption and general fudging. Read more

Sports media: Ted Enberg, remembering his father

By Tom Hoffarth
This will be the first Father’s Day that Ted Enberg spends without his father, Dick Enberg, the sports broadcasting legend who died last December.
Dick has left Ted with a few unfinished projects, including a PodcastOne “Sounds of Success” show that will continue. Also, a book that Dick wrote called “Being Ted Williams,” which came out earlier this month as a tribute to the late Boston Red Sox star who would have turned 100 in August.
We are honored to have a Q&A with Ted, who has launched his own broadcasting career with calling games for Stanford University,  Pac-12 Net and ESPN, appear on David Halberstam’s highly-regarded website, Sports Broadcast Journal. We share that link with you here.

L.A. SPORTS HISTORY: Wonder what a Dodgers game at the Coliseum looked like?

We stumbled across this YouTube clip of a Dodgers-Cardinals game from the L.A. Coliseum in 1959.
The importance? None, really. The Cardinals’ 4-2 win in 10 innings on July 25, ’59 based on this box score and play-by-play description shows nothing really remarkable happened.
It’s just a cool way to step back in time — nearly 60 years — to see what a TV broadcast looked like, as well as a Coliseum experience. Read more