L.A. SPORTS HISTORY: Wonder what a Dodgers game at the Coliseum looked like?

We stumbled across this YouTube clip of a Dodgers-Cardinals game from the L.A. Coliseum in 1959.
The importance? None, really. The Cardinals’ 4-2 win in 10 innings on July 25, ’59 based on this Retrosheet.org box score and play-by-play description shows nothing really remarkable happened.
It’s just a cool way to step back in time — nearly 60 years — to see what a TV broadcast looked like, as well as a Coliseum experience.
Jack Brickhouse is on the call from the Cardinals’ broadcast feed.
Highlights: At the 7:30 mark, Duke Snider drives in the game’s first run with a single off Stan Musial’s glove. And at the 13:50 mark, the Dodgers starting shortstop Don Zimmer gets tossed for arguing a strike-three call. Yes, that Don Zimmer. Not even Walter Alston or Pee Wee Reese can save him …
“Go get a shower, don’t use up all the hot water. Go get yourself a towel and a bar of soap, Mr. Zimmer you have had it. Good night,” says Brickhouse.
Add to that: This home movie clip again we found on YouTube that gives some color context:

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