The Drill 07.09.18: There is never enough LeBron James’ business to sift through on the day he officially signs his Lakers contract.

Steve Lowery, Tom Hoffarth, Jon McKelvy and interns Elizabeth and Nicole — where is Smeads again? — start with:
* The LeBron mural vandalized in Venice
* A breakdown on how we heard about the LeBron decision
* If LeBron should remake “Space Jam” in his own image
We then divert to some obscure sports that somehow make their way to TV this time of year, based on Jon’s sighting of a SpikeBall event on ESPN2 (not “SlamBall” as Tom decided to slam it):

We’ve also got a heads up on:
* Where are the U.S. soccer trolls?
* A new MLB Network documentary coming up Sunday (July 15) called “Only in Hollywood” about the 1988 Dodgers season
* How Fox’s John Smoltz has decided to take up the cause for how baseball needs to move forward and become more entertaining again
* An explanation of what it means in L.A. to be “Steinered,”

* In our first “Two Minute Drill” finale, Steve has his essay about the problems we have in sports when it comes to listing someone’s height.
Long story short, it’s longer than two minutes, but worthy of your listen (adapted from this piece posted on the website).

Here we go:

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