By Tom Hoffarth
Jim Rome
takes one of his trademark pronounced pauses, measuring a way to make sure the server at the high-end Costa Mesa restaurant doesn’t take offense to what he is about to say as the seared ahi salad is set in front of him.
“I think the phrase I’m looking for here is … this pisses me off,” the 53-year-old sports-talk show host says.
The server doesn’t flinch.
For Rome, this is a major off-the-menu issue — the most noticeable dent in the latest incarnation of his media infrastructure. It’s the fact that, again, there is no easy way in Los Angeles to find his nationally syndicated CBS Radio show.
By every measure of today’s smack-talk consumer landscape, Rome’s show is more ubiquitous now than ever in its 22 years of syndication. But who can find it on the AM, FM or HD spot on the car radio in L.A.?
That’s the angle of this Rome profile posted in the Los Angeles Times  which also inspired this illustration by The Drill LA’s Jim Thompson:



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