By Tom Hoffarth
The official arrival of LeBron James in Hollywood, versus simply living in Brentwood and commuting to Cleveland, has taken on a new dynamic that we have covered in recent weeks.
Back in early July, we wondered if James would take that awful next step and remake “Space Jam,” with him in the role of Michael Jordan. But it got even a little crazier.
A media notebook posted last week took note of all the new media ventures that James has launched with Showtime, HBO, CBS, Netflix, etc., making him a true Tinseltown titan.
We discussed it further on an Aug. 8 episode of TheDrillLA Morning Briefing, where Steve Lowery deftly pointed out that James’ out-reaching projects contrast interestingly to Kobe Bryant’s inner-facing pursuits as far as what he wants to put out there in his media empire.
After talking this through with Dr. Dan Durbin, the director of the USC Annenberg Institute of Sports, Media and Society, we felt we had enough to get a piece in about this in Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times. We even went onto the Petros And Money Show on KLAC-AM (570) on Tuesday afternoon to discuss it more.
Here you go …

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